Stand-In Credits

Will Ferrell   -  “Get Hard”,  “The Legos Movie”,  “Dodge Commercial.”

Stallan Skarsgard   -  “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo”  (David Fincher)

Matthew Modine   -  “The Dark Knight Rises ” 

Michael Nouri   -  “Empire State” (ABC Pilot)

David Morse   -  “Empire State” (ABC Pilot)

Nathan Fillion   -  “Castle” (Showtime)

Tyler Peck  -  “Body of Proof” (ABC Series)    

Dayplayers   -  “Marvel - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”

Pete Gardner - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"


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Casting Directors Testimonials


- It was so great not to have to worry about someone arriving on time,

or to the right location, or being there when he said he would... a dream really.


Anne Mulhall

LDI Casting 

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