May 2, 2016



Recently, I had the good fortune to attend a Networking event hosted by Rock Riddle of Hollywood Success in Studio City, CA ( The featured guest, was long-time Screen writer and Television producer, Barney Cohen, (With credits such as“Sabrina The Teenage Witch”, “Forever Knight”,”Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter”).


I was so inspired by what Barney spoke about, I felt the compulsion to write about it, and share a few nuggets with you, especially my fellow actors and writers. Barney was very gracious to agree to an interview.  For your convenience as reader, here is Barney's IMDB link.


Interview with Barney


Hi Barney, Good to talk to you again. Let's talk about Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I see on IMDB that you were a writer on the original Sabrina television pilot, along with multiple writer credits on following episodes, as well as the “executive consultant” on ALL the “Sabrina” episodes. In day to day terms, what was your involvement and contributions?


I wrote...

November 21, 2014

Hi Readers,

As an Actor, I have been fortunate to volunteer a few times for Mary Lou Belli's USC, Multi- Camera Directing class. When asked, I usually jump at the chance. Why?


1) It is a completely free class experience for the actor.


2) Mary Lou is an actual working director and a good teacher.


3) well, read on...


Hi Mary Lou,


I wanted to send you a quck "thanks" and notes of my experiences in you class thus far.


Here are some of the great things I have been able to observe, and practice,

while on your USC MFA student sets:


1) Experiencing different director's styles and personalitites.

Some of these student directors are very loose, while some are closer to perfectionists and micro managers. I have found this to be true across the industry having worked for David Fincher (who was amazing) and many others, some, who in contrast, you hardly knew were there.


2) Having fun between takes & Returning to the Actor Focus on "Rolling"

While working as a BG actor on "Hart of Dixie", "Kickin it" an...

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